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setting up weechat as frontend for everything

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blogging for free

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Tools for Better Thinking

thread The most underrated problem solving tool is to type out and explain your thought process. Start writing down questions to ask others; as you explain what you have tried, you will begin to realize that there are more things left to try – some of which being potential solutions.

Type your question into StackOverflow to submit; you’ll be fearful of asking the question.

Rank factors; always express factors as positive attributes. After generating the table, the longest continuous line of check marks for each factor determines the choice (though this can be gamed…)

State charts: easy to reason about state changes without the explosion of state machines. These are hierarchical state machines, in a sense.

The Inversion Methods: The solution to many hard problems can be clarified by re-expressing them in inverse form.

Crossline: structure your thoughts as you type and make cross-references.

mental models for making intelligent decisions

tools for systems thinkers state machines for complex systmes enabling inventive problem solving analyzing and forecasting tool

tools for better thinking .

today’s js article THe modern web is painful. Interfacing with js and node results in conflitts between es and js versions, node incompatibilities, differnet import syntax in different circumstances, etc. it’s painful. How do you import with node? without node?