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Pocket Operators

learn to use the PO-33


use game boy as midi synthesizer nanoloop synth


ncmpcpp is an mpt client, the frontend for mpd


can configure thing !

install: ncmpcpp, mopidy, mopidy-mpd, mopidy-spotify

configuration: the mopidy service by default reads its configuration from etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf, not from ~.config;

trying a symlink symlink didn’t work out just going to start it in userspace

idea: dishwasher with auto soap dispenser. duh

Displaying art with ncmcpp

configure irc bouncer so that irc clients can stay in session

setting up mutt for gmail

on using mutt make sure to generate an additional password for two factor auth other than that everything is fine mutt is not a fun user experience ….

other configuration (TODO)

set up server host music on this server

goal configuration::

  • music streaming from custom server to local system
  • single client for all messaging platforms (matrix,irc,slack,discord…..) (matrix??)
  • rss feed from a single server (tt-rss, newsboat)
  • better autosync solution than dropbox
  • controlling things in house, different places etc
  • reproducible system configuration

selfhosted community

  • a place to view social media easily and centralized:
  • twitter/mastodon/instagram (??)

offlineimap bedrock linux: mix and match components from different linux distributions self hosting email with nixos and vultr ! making a cool thing classic. may be a good read, sounds like a waste of time right now . probably a cool gift or something to purchase though ! pertinent for the server configuration openai analysis through an api! music for live coding . the classic live coding librar great livecoding resources


free software instruments

music engine reinventing the wheel with pytorch percussion machine neat audio file editor – generating music automatically!! – music book website – highly recommended; a book written about how we interact with electronic instruments. for synth enthusiasts and music industrial designers!

making music

making the making of music


inspiration: turning ideas into tracks bitwig: linux daw ZzFXM Tracker synthesizer

October 18, 2020