Text Editors

Text editors control the way you interface with written content. For programmers, this is the vast majority of the content they create, develop, and perhaps consume.


Xi is a flexible editor with a modular approach to construction; if you implement Xi’s protocol, you can use any user interface that calls back to Xi on the backend. https://github.com/LightTable/LightTable https://github.com/hundredrabbits/Left a writing tool without the distractions https://github.com/yi-editor/yi The Yi editor is a collection of packages for using haskell to create a text editor.


https://www.techradar.com/best/best-text-editors https://github.com/LightTable/LightTable – incredibly powerful editor https://github.com/tree-sitter/tree-sitter parsing tool system

https://metaredux.com/posts/2018/11/09/ciders-orchard-the-heart.html cidet interface, very cool livecoding environment

https://github.com/pitr/config%5Ffiles mostly vim config


this is a new editor point from roam or something i am making a new note.:

August 1, 2020